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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 9, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> more than 6 people dead and 600,000 homes and businesses without power in frigimmed temperatures in new england. alm of this after a monster nor'eastern sweeps and packing hurricane-force wind gusts and
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dumps two feet of snow. many people woke up to snow and couldn't open up their doors. i am uma thank you for joining us for a special from washington. we have fox team coverage . deadly blizzard that is it creating major problem. we are on the ground in boston and new york city and we'll go to maria for the fox weather center for what lies ahead now the big storm as passed a. -- >> significant snowfall in places in long island and parts of new york city and connecticut and maine. more than 30 inches of snope. close to three feet in portions of connecticut. it is it impressive snow totals. 30 inches in long island and new york city close to a foot. many people can't get their cars out from parlegal parking
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on the streetings is it the largest snowfall in new york city. amm areings getting significant snowfall. boston it is it still snowing. wee could have record-setting snowfall . seeing significant forecast out there. portland, maine 29.3 inches. thises the newest record as far as the largest snowfall so far and continuing to see more in that city. temperatures uma, will be cold for today. a lot will not be melting. high temperature over in hartford, and 30 in new york city . tonight it is it frigid in the single digits. >> we hear that there is it storm coming our way in the next couple of days? >> that storm is out west and could produce blizzard conditions in north central .
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we center blizzard warnings out there and another storm in the stouths. that could produce severe weather and tornados and large hail in texas today . that is it the system that we are going to have to watch. it could head in the northeast and possibly be our next nor'eastern in thursday. wednesday and thursday morning, and still time to go and we'll track that next storm system. there is it uncertainty with the next storm. >> thank you very. a. >> now out to massachusetts, one of the hardest hit states. coping with 400,000 customers without power. a staste emergency remains in affect in that state . joining us from massachusetts, dad daniel from wfxt who is sessing the damage. ted? >> it is it finally stopped snowing here in massachusetts half an hour south of boston .
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we are seeing a few rays of sunshine come out which is a change from what we have seen in the last 24 hourings is what is left behind. this is it a drift but this spot here four feet of snow. the average in mass runnings between two to three feet and they are just getting a handle on the roads right now. that is going to take time. yesterday, the gost gov here in massachusetts at 4:00 banned all vehicles from the road and said notice one could go out unless they had necessary business. that ban remain necessary affect . we have seen a few cars that were breaking that ban. but most of the plow workers and state workers trying to stay on top. storm. 400,000 people without power right now . a massive power event. on top of all of the snow we
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had a wind evint on cape cod and south shore and north shore. we had massive wind. 50 to 70 miles per hour . those folks are still dealing with most of the trouble right now, on the coastal areas and they are seeing flooding in those areings . i think that that is going to be the continuing tonight and tomorrow . probably want best thing about the storm is the fact that it hit friday night and saturday. there was no school in the state on friday . no one went to work . we have had so much warning with this storm, i think most people got message early and got supplies and kind of waited it out at home . most people are doing that. i have seen great pictures of people opening up their doors and it is it a big, big wall of snow for them. a lot of digging out all over new england and especially here in massachusetts. back to you. >> massachusetts hit hard and
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they will be digging out for a while. thank you very much. >> there is it an icy path in the northeast and giving people a tough time in frigid temperatures and dangerous road conditions. people were told to stay indoors and plows are moving to clear away the streetings. they are joiningugs live from central park with how new yorkers are coping with all of the stuff. >> good afternoon to you and everybody at home. things are getting back to normal . more trains are running and flights at la guardia and jive jitch after 5300 flights that were cancelled because of the blizzard. weather related, of those in canada and two in the united states and one in connecticut andth other in upstate new york. the national weather service updated their snow totals. we have 11 hadn't 4 inches of snow on the ground and 30
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million people in the northeast are dealing with a foot of snow or more . in new york, hardest hit area longhorns up to 30 inches and stranding motorist and making for a complicated situation. cows and crews cannot do their work . they are having to go car to car to make rescues. travel bands in connecticut and governor dan maloy is urging folkings to stay off of the road. >> one. big evaluate problems we are fracing is it the automobiles. we are trying to dig them out and tow them away . we don't want to see other people caught in snow drifts at this time . so please stay at home. >> and resendez are enjoying a winter wonder land today . topping off gas and food and fire wood yesterday. >> we were going to drive out
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to the country and if is it a great day to be in the park with the dog. >> we'll get out liter with the saucers and slid and remember what it was like to be six again. >> as been a mild winter stow far . the storm caught folks off guard. many heeded the warningings and made the proper preparations yesterday and saying they learned a lesson after sandy. >> and long island got the worst of the snow. the area received two feet of snow in areas. thousands of people still don't have power. but the power company is hoping to have everything back to normam within 24 hours and joining us to talk about the situation in long island. congressman peter king. welcome, and thank you for joining us. >> thank you, uma. >> what about the damage and what have you seen so far out there? >> where i live it was 12-13
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inches of snow. you go 10-15 miles to central islip and snith town, we are talking two and half feet of snow. but even in places massapeakqua they were damaged in sandy and i was down there. it is it a double hit. many of them are living in the second story of the homes because ever the damage done to their house and now they have cold weather and snow . they are braving it well. but it is it added trouble for them and they are still waiting for the money to repair their homes. they are starting to get back on their feet and then hit with this. long island it is it a tale of two. really just 10-15 minutes away from me is twice as much snow as i have in my community and long island expressway as
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faratz i know in sulfolk county is it closed and so, it is it quite a stoomer. >> let me ask you that flooding was a concern because of the areas on the coast where the sea walls were damaged, the water has been coming in. what do you know about that. >> what i have seen and gone down there today. doesn't apire any significant flooding and that hasn't happened. >> good newings . most of the damage is from the wind and snow itself. >> yes it is it. >> congressman, thank you for updating us . i know you will stay in close touch with the resendez out there. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we have unbelievable storms. we have received amazing photographs from the viewers. mike sent in this photograph. he said so much snow this a
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bad blizzard. our own father johnathon morris, tweeted a picture of his church that is it beautiful. his church in soho enveloped by heavy wind and snow. check out the scene. from my bedroom window. no human crew could powder the earth so beautifully. so correct. >> and one more for you nicole in south berry, connecticut. her car literally buried . we ask you to continue to send your stories from the flont lines of the storms to us . go to you report side . you can tweet your photographs and stories to me at hurricane uma and we will feature more later in this broadcast. stay with us. for that. turning now to big story
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making newings. manhunt for christopher dorner picked back up. a hundred officers are searching the snow corched -- covered san bernardino mountains. he is suspected of killing three people out of revenge. relentless snow held up the search efforts so far. they are joining us in big bear lake with the latest on the search that will be underway soon. dominic? >> yes, absolutely . in fact officers are out and sending swat teams back up the mountain and increased patrol big bear area. resendez are concerned about christopher dorner loose in the area. what is improve helping the search federal and this is it good news, the snow that we saw yesterday is gone . y we have blistering blue skies . the clouds are coming back in and it looks like snow bearing
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cloids and could complicate the sterch. authorities sape no snow falling stow far. it is it a sheer slog to get this job done. take a look listen. there is reports of tracks found. theyed though along with those tracks they found ski trackings it is it a popular area for people to go cross country sking and determined that's what it was and notrilate tod dorner . there a door kick of a cabin in the 7 oaks area. they checked that out, it is it old damage . no sign that anyone has been there in a very long time. it is it inside one of those
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upon. they do think that his torched truck a diversion . he's head back south to much warmer and we are standing out in the cold wondering where he is. >> and the continues here are difficult and san bernardino highway 78. thats is it the primary route in and out of the mountain is due to heavy snope. back to you. >> a lot going on. >> and thank you very much. >> and we want to take you out to chicago where lady leed michelle obama areiched for a funeral for a young lady that lost her life through senseless violence. her funeral captured national attention with at a time when debate over guns continues to
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make head lines. >> she was kill would in a gang dispute. it happened just days after she performed in one of president obama's inauguration events. her family said they do i want want her death to be about politics but on her she was a popular student who loched to dance. >> an explosion in a chemically balanced plant in la porte, texas and one person airlift tod a nearby hospital. it is it not clear if they remain inside of the plant at this time. arson investigators are looking into the cause of the explosion. we'll bring you more news on the fire as we get it >> well, it is it 35 years after the deadly blizzard back in 1978 when many people still remember when boston found itself buried in a brutal blizzard and now bean town gets hit hard again. molly has more.
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>> uma it is it still windy in new england . so it is not over yet. they are looking forward to clining up and there is it still travel restrictions in place and a road ahead. we'll have the latest coming up. >> and big snowy weekend and still to come. is president obama's drone program a license to kill? or a necessary tool in the ongoing warp on terror. >> we'll ask them next. stay with us. . so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do.
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>> as the snow continue to fail in massachusetts. it is bringing back tough memories of the folks who remember 78. that dumped two feet of snow in boston. many simply abandoned the cars on the roadways and people coped with horrendous conditions . thritch years later, how are they sizing up this storm?
9:22 am
it is not over yet. the totals are not comit plete. but out in western massachusetts they have over 30 inches reported. here in boston two feet of snow . depending on where the measurements are taken. the governor put an executive order in place. and someone who works in a hospital or firefighter and needs to be at work for the public safety you could stay at home . you could face time in jail . that is yet to be lifted. the t in boston still shut down.
9:23 am
it is it handling things well . pime are obeying that order. thry are trying to get the secretary back together. they are still waiting for the travel ban to be lifted. we have 400 people . most of those folks are south of boston. they will work on that until the storm comes up. andev we have also to report flooding that has happened. there is concerns and we know that the waters come over the say wall .
9:24 am
the area that is it flooded before. they are a concern . safety of folks there . they have evacuate gotten out of the low-lying areas and one problem they could face is that water staying and freezing. right now it is it a wait and sigh. uma? >> i know how tough it is for the folks in the south shore. i used to live down that way. it is it a tough situation. molly, i am seeing people not heeding the warning and driving and not paying tanes to the orders. you have dare devils out there. >> we have seen that in the storm. in the height of the storm, we saw very little traffic and now the wind says are dying down and folks are out on the road. some people are not oh, baying the ban and others may have business . there is it a long list of
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people if you need to be there thank you for that update. >> there is it a story generating a lot of controversy. the secret u.s. drone campaign and how the obama administration is it using it in a key weapon in the fight with suspected terrorist. there are no checks and balances and some say it gives the president a license to kill . others complain that the mere fact that the program is in place is it hypochrisy because the president and his allies are tough on the bush administration. joining us is a specialops wing man who is author of the book. naitance director. >> naitance. >> great to have you here today. it is it a busy news we wanted
9:26 am
to talk about what is at play here? what is your first thouts when you learned that the program was in place and could target americans? >> one it is it a great idea to take a terrorist out it doesn't matter how we take them out. whether we walk up close and shoot them or hit them from a drone at 20,000 feet. but the problem is it we are targiting americans. there can never be anyone in a position to have unlateral decision making on killing americans. guys like me and the men and women of the military and the intelligence agencies over the last 250 years did not do what they did to allow a king, any king in this case obama and his guys to arbitrarily decide who goes on a kill list. we need due process.
9:27 am
end of story. if you want to kill terrorist around the world. you have my blessing and i would stay most people who know me over the last 11 years on fox, know i am to haveto the right of the astilla the nun in protect being americans. but when it inform'res americans we need a different set of standarpeds. >> who will incorporate those standards? >> the constitution testimonies us how we are supposed to. and you and i discussed . there are judges like judge napolitano . who is involved in the process and whether to put them on the serious list. you don't want to be on the list that authorizes them to kill you obviously. and then, when we get back to the interrogation side.
9:28 am
i am all for water boarding is it water boarding that many of the criticings mistake that the japanese did to us and they fill you with water and distend you and kill you. get information and get it to an american and treat them better and bring them back and mirandize them and give them due. >> quickly in the few second says left. what about the notion of hypochris i? >> it is evident. if there were a of hypochrisy it is it. obama can do everything bush did to keep us safe it is okay. but george bush did it and he was lampooned. >> and the monster storm of 2013 dumped amounts of snow in
9:29 am
new england . take a look at what happened on the longhorns expressway in new york. hundreds of cars buried as the snow fell fast and steady . dozens of motorist stranded night . up next. how folks in long island are coping with the aftermath of a powerful storm. plus, we just can't resist. several of you reported pictures that we are getting . adorable wintery pet pictures. we'll share those after the break. i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ] three words dad, e-trade financial consultants. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. wa-- wa-- wait a minute; bobby? bobby! what are you doing man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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welcome back . take a look. this is dixie in spence per,
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massachusetts and the connecticut kitty in awe. the snow drifts are taller than him . fox news dana pireno tweeted this picture of her puppy jasper. said it is it like christmas and birthday all at once. there is it a cute little guy there. send in your stories with us. we'll go to fox news . we'll show you more pictures in the. in long island. 10,000 customers don't have power. look at the cars stuck on the long island expressway. the snow was falling at the rate of couple of inches an hour. they are working to get the cars off of the road . joining us is it the cute isive on long island. thank you. >> and i know you have your hands full with so many challenge to deal with. give me an assessment of the
9:35 am
damage and sphorm and flooding overnight. >> we are still recovering from hurricane sandy and unfortunately resendez you suffered additional flooding and that was a challenge and there were 150 motor vehicle accidents . they did a great job clearing up the road and nassau county and open in both direction and we continue to fight the other elements. a major fire took place in an apartment building in hemp stead and that is created serious conditions for us. >> how are people coping and how are their spirits? >> they are dealing with super storm standy and many are waiting to get repairs on the homes and how are they deal the powerful aftermath of the storm. >> they are strong and dealt a significant blow here and additional flooding here and
9:36 am
creates despair . this is something that we are trying to hard to help them get through it is it devastating to have your home obviously destroyed and in the rebuilding to see additional flooding it is it tough for us here and those affected by hurricane sandy. >> our hearts go out to all of those folks that're affected . i know you will make they get the help they need. >> thank you. snowy conditions and low temperatures have held up the efforts to find christopher dorner. peter doocy is standing by with more on the story and the search for a man who vowed war on the la pd and their families, peter. >> police are scouring the area near a ski resort whether christopher dorner's burned pick up truck found.
9:37 am
he kill would one person and two officers and vowed revenge on the department for firing him. 40 people are under police protection right now. >> a man in england is facing charges against violent threats. he threatened to kim 2 pustudents on in tense. it was written on a memorial page. thousands of children were force tod stay home from school because of that threat. it turns out beyonce's pyrotechnic show was not the blame for the out age in the superbowl. the problem trace tod a fault i electrical device . stand by for music's biggest night. 55th agreement awarpeds are tomorrow and will feature a slew of all-star performance and justin timberlake's first
9:38 am
performance in four years. >> thank you very much. turning to a story that we are following closely. defense secretary paneta on retiring and on his last day on the job is clouded by uncertainty of the president's successor. chuck hagel's confirmation vote denayed . they join us sharing the view on hagel and the confirmation hearings and what it means for the gop. >> how are you doing, uma. >> good to sigh you. i think chuck hagel is a good man and patriot and controversial figure and in the hearingings, he didn't perform that well. but the republicans didn't perform well at all . asked 178 questions about israel and ignoired the rest of the world . so i don't think the republican party came out well but the fact that they didn't
9:39 am
vote on him in commit eye is problematic. >> you think political theater? >> i do think that is there. clearly a number of the republicans wanted to show they are pro israel and hagel was not and they wanted to force him to take back statements he had made. they haven't over the end of the cold war and moved on to a new era which president obama has. his idea basically of staying out of new wars in iran and basically closing down the war in iraq and getting out of stanford and not going into syria. i think that is it pretty much comports with what the american people want. they have had enough war and i am not the republican parity is there. but chuck hagel agrees with that point of view and they are more in tune with the country, frarvingly.
9:40 am
>> why is the gop not get? >> they believe deeply and i disagree with john mccain . i don't doubt his beliefs and those of lindsay graham. but they should have gotten the lesson of 200 . george bush lost both houses of congress and one . primary reasons two wars had turned rotten and we were about to lose the war in iraq if not for the surge. military powers such as we have got and more of it than anyone in the world has limited capabilities when you are trying to change reality in a part of the world where there is it a dramatic religious awakening taken in every country . these drone strikings. we are killing more terrorist than we are creating. when you kill 3000 or 4000 in pakistan and a lot of kid and women and elders and innocent
9:41 am
people, have you created more recruits for al qaeda, than you killed in terms of terrorist . if you are, are you in endless war? and is this you step back and reflict. >> many say we are in a endless war because it is a different kind much war. >> you know, james madison said war is it the republics . you start to lose your freedomings. we didn't have barriers . lafayet park was wide open and i use to drive over the east street and state department. it has barriers and everybody has a gun in their home . you get checked out before you on a plane. strip searched and what is it becoming of our count reap. thoughtful people step back and think are you finding the war in a way it is becoming a endless war. the drone issue is front and
9:42 am
center by the previous guest. barack obama has a right to kill americans abroad if it is it an imminent threat walking around in yemen and he is an american citizen. i don't think you can do that without having the congress in on that and the courts in on that. and put hard criteria down before you take the life of american citizens. >> it is it a provocative argument indeed. it is it always here to have you here. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate it take good care. >> massive spending cuts are just weeks away . up next. fair and balanced debate . i will be asking congressman on both sides of the aisle for their solutions. stay with us. . ♪
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>> welcome back everybody. despite what the president is staying, brand new fox news shoys that many americans believe the government has a spending problem. 83%. it is a poll. is it too late to avoid the march 1st deadline. matt is vice chair of the armed services committee . democratic congressman. gentlemen, thank you for joining us today . talk for a moment of what is in play. many are worried about sequestitration and the impact it is it going to have & will devastate the military. can we find eye middle ground here? >> they should be worried. it cuts readiness and
9:48 am
training. we can find common ground. the house passed bills to substitute other savings for sequestration and bills are introduced and one would delay the implementation of obama care and the other one would reduce spending of attrition of federal employees. they are preventing sequestration and saving money by cutting spinding . that's what the american people will know needs to happen. >> and many people are upset we are at this point. why did we get to this point in the first place when the adjustment should made long ago. >> i am concerned about the issues and problems that matt raised with it it can be done in a more sensible way.
9:49 am
sequestration cuts the good with the bad equally. and it is it one to two million jobs. going with this swift kind of auterit i plan. and it includes additional spending cuts. both will be necessary and when this issue is put to the voters in the last election they voted to have a balanced solution. we have achieved about two trillion in deficit reduction so far and have another two trillion to go and something that reasonable minds agree on. it will be more fun when you are making new investmentings. >> here's the problem. so many americans believe that congress is so pol oarized right now . so difficult to make head way at this moment. everybody is camped out and
9:50 am
take care of their own agendas . how do you get past that right now. & not every democrats support it an agreement and in my view tax were deciped and now why have turn to spend everybody acknowledges we have a spending problem and so to prevent the dire consequences that come with sequestitration and economic and national security wise and domestic programs are cut, too. we have to cut spend nothing a smart way and no reason we can't do that. >> we'll give you the last word. do we have a spending problem and believe that that is at play right now. >> we'll have to reduce spending . andy he upon said we need to have it.
9:51 am
it was all spending cuts and the second round increases . and they are advocate that's what the country wants . it is an interesting debate we'll watch that closely. >> and we know with a storm looking like down here. check oust the view from the top. highest point in new england. stap stay. comprehend officemax is celebrating our new collaboration with go daddy! with an online package including: domain name, website builder with five pages and basic email just $49.99! that's up to 76 percent below online providers and only at officemax stores! i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then.
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>> people in new england are trying to dig their way out of a mass itch snow storm. what happened in mount washington? it is it the highest point in new england . joining us. weather observer brian fitzgerald, welcome and great to have you here today. it is really cold where you are now. >> getting colder by the minute. and snow an hour ago we
9:56 am
received 23 inches since the storm started. >> starting to tapir off a bit. it is interesting characteristicings that you have noited at this point. >> it is it a couple of years since we saw a snow storm like coupled with the high winds. it is so light and powdering and visibility is 20 feet and 300 feet today. it is not good hiking weather. >> how many folks live up on the top of the mountain? >> three full-time weather observers and we work 24 hour shift covering the weather. >> start storms go. this is one that is for the record books? >> on top of mount washington this is only half of our record. but down in places like portland, maine they broke a
9:57 am
record and crushed it it is a big event for the values. >> we thank you for thes and we know it is it a place that has a particular vantage point . record all. chilly temperatures snow is not over just yet for boston. is next. maria molina will join us with the latest forecast and news of another storm next week. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful?
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campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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